Pawnee City Historical Society & Museum

Pawnee City Historical Society and Museum complex

For more than three decades, a wide variety of artifacts and records representing city and county history have been preserved by the Pawnee City Historical Society and Museum.  Since incorporating on January 25, 1968, this non-profit organization of volunteers, being supported entirely by contributor donations, has secured many items of special interest.

Cracker Box School stands alongside the Country Store

Sixteen historic buildings protecting the remarkable collection surround the main office and occupy seven acres of Society and Museum grounds.  Visitors find many oldtime implements of farm and home, antique furnishings and tools, vintage vehicles, rare photos and books, unique handcraft items, personal possessions of both ordinary and famous people, along with a large assortment of other interesting Pawnee County mementos on display for public examination.

Curtis House stands in the foreground with Lower West Branch’s school house on the left

Cracker Box School, Society office, Gov. David Butler’s house, Log Cabin

Meeting House of the Pawnee City Historical Society and Museum

Yvonne Dalluge, Museum Supervisor       (402) 852-3131