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1890-91 Nebraska State Gazetteer list of farmers

1890-91 Nebraska State Gazetteer
list of farmers : Pawnee County

Pawnee City -- County Seat

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 Abraham Titus, Summerfield, Kan.
Ackerson A M, Steinauer
Acton Geo, Pawnee City.
Aikins F L, Pawnee City.
Aikins W A, Pawnee City.
Aikins W J, Pawnee City.
Albott J L, Steinauer.
Albright D, Pawnee City.
Alcorn Hugh, Burchard.
Alfred David, Burchard.
Allen E, Burchard.
Allen Ellsworth, Du Bois.
Allen F E, Bookwalter.
Allen John, Bookwalter.
Allen J V, Burchard.
Anderson Anson, Mayberry.
Anderson C B, Mission Creek.
Anderson H, Mission Creek.
Anderson I W, Pawnee City.
Anderson J D, Mission Creek.
Anderson J L, Pawnee City.
Anderson J, Mission Creek.
Anderson J W, Mission Creek.
Anderson M O, Pawnee City.
Anderson Oliver, Mayberry.
Anderson R, Pawnee City.
Anderson S, Pawnee City.
Anderson W, Pawnee City.
Andrews A D, Pawnee City.
Andrews Wm, Pawnee City.
Angels J W, Pawnee City.
Angels W J, Pawnee City.
Antle Riley, Lewiston.
Armstrong J, Table Rock.
Arneal T A, Liberty.
Arnold G E, Pawnee City.
Arnold J, Pawnee City.
Asher John, Table Rock.
Asher Philip, Table Rock.
Asney John T, Table Rock.
Atkinson J C, Pawnee City.
Austin H A, Table Rock.
Avery Geo, Table Rock.
Avery Geo, Burchard.
Avery Wm, Table Rock.
Ayles J M, Table Rock.

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 Bachenberg F, Lewiston.
Bachenberg Geo, Lewiston.
Bachenberg Pete, Lewiston.
Badertscher A, Steinauer.
Badertscher G, Steinauer.
Bain G, Mayberry.
Bain J T, Burchard.
Baker A E, Burchard.
Baker BF, Mission Creek.
Baker G W, Table Rock.
Baker Mary J, Burchard.
Baldridge JV, Table Rock.
Baldwin G P, Bookwalter.
Barker J H, Pawnee City.
Barkley M E, Table Rock.
Barnard C H, Table Rock.
Barnard Sam, Table Rock.
Barnes S A, Table Rock.
Barnett G W, Pawnee City.
Barr John, Liberty.
Barr Joseph, Liberty.
Barr Wm, Liberty.
Barrett A J, Pawnee City.
Bartels C, Steinauer.
Bates A A, Burchard.
Bates O, Pawnee City.
Baucke Henry, Elk Creek.
Baucke John, Elk Creek.
Baughman Ben, Burchard.
Barclay James, Burchard.
Beamer H A, Burchard.
Beamer O B, Burchard.
Beason Emma, Mission Creek.
Beaber Abe, Pawnee City.
Beaver C, Pawnee City.
Beaver C C, Pawnee City.
Bechtel F, Pawnee City.
Becker G E, Burchard.
Becker S S, Table Rock.
Bedea Benj, Table Rock.
Beezley W H, Burchard.
Bell, John, Du Bois.
Bell Tomas, Pawnee City.
Bemer S M, Burchard.
Benkey Frank, Lewiston.
Bennett F L, Pawnee City.
Bennett H, Mission Creek.
Benson J T, Mission Creek.
Beranek Joseph, Table Crk.
Berenzen Jno, Pawnee City.
Bergert Geo, Table Creek.
Bergert Lewis, Table Creek.
Bergman B, Liberty.
Berkeybile Aaron, Du Bois.
Bernadt Frank M, Steinauer.
Berry Carleton, Pawnee City.
Berry E M, Bookwalter.
Berry J A, Pawnee City.
Bernard J J, Burchard.
Bernard John, Steinauer.
Beuthe Chas, Steinauer.
Beuthe Fred, Elk Creek.
Beuthe Wm, Steinauer.
Bever Celia, Lewiston.
Bever Dec, Lewiston.
Bever Joseph L, Lewiston.
Beymer F G, Table Rock.
Billings L, Pawnee City.
Billings Peter, Pawnee City.
Bird C C, Mayberry.
Black C L, Mission Creek.
Blake Kate J, Pawnee City.
Black R D, Mission Creek.
Blain Agnes, Pawnee City.
Blain John, Pawnee City.
Blanton W H, Steinauer.
Blecha F J, Pawnee City.
Blecha Frank, Steinauer.
Blecha James, Steinauer.
Blecha James, Table Rock.
Blecha Joseph, Du Bois.
Blecha Peter, Table Rock.
Bloom L C, Pawnee City.
Bloyd Chas, Pawnee City.
Bloyd Phillip, Pawnee City.
Blochlett Fred, Steinauer.
Boehmer J F, Steinauer.
Boggs Wm, Table Rock.
Bogue Ernest, Pawnee City.
Bogue Merrils, Pawnee City.
Bohm John, Du Bois.
Bolton James, Pawnee City.
Bond C J, Pawnee City.
Bonenberger B, Steinauer.
Booe John, Mission Creek.
Bookwalter F M, Bookwalter.
Bookwalter H A, Bookwalter.
Bookwalter W H, Bookwalter.
Boomgarn J, Table Rock.
Boone E T, Table Rock.
Borden F M, Burchard.
Borden J W, Steinauer.
Borden Lewis, Burchard.
Boston Els, Pawnee City.
Boston Geo, Pawnee City.
Boston Jas, Pawnee City.
Boston Sam, Pawnee City.
Bowen S E, Table Rock.
Bowhay H E, Liberty.
Bowhay John, Liberty.
Bowhay J W, Liberty.
Bowhay W R, Liberty.
Boyle Geo, Burchard.
Boyles Joseph, Burchard.
Brackett B F, Pawnee City.
Brademeir Carl, Du Bois.
Branek John, Table Rock.
Branek Jos, Steinauer.
Brant J D, Burchard.
Bratt G W, Du Bois.
Bratton F D, Liberty.
Bratton J H, Pawnee City.
Bratton Wm F, Burchard.
Bray J W, Table Rock.
Bredemier L, Steinauer.
Breunsbach F D, Mission Creek.
Breunsbach R, Mission Creek.
Breunsbach W, Mission Creek.
Brigham A, Table Rock.
Briles J, Pawnee City.
Briles J S, Pawnee City.
Britt Robt, Du Bois.
Brock Isaac, Pawnee City.
Brown A J, Pawnee City.
Brown David, Burchard.
Brown I, Pawnee City.
Brown I W, Pawnee City.
Brown J, Burchard.
Brown J A, Burchard.
Brown J A, Pawnee City.
Brown J C, Pawnee City.
Brown J T, Pawnee City.
Brown Odell, Pawnee City.
Brown R J, Pawnee City.
Brown R I, Pawnee City.
Brown S V, Table Rock.
Bruch G F, Pawnee City.
Bruch J H, Pawnee City.
Bruch O W, Pawnee City.
Bruch T S, Pawnee City.
Brzon G W, Pawnee City.
Brzon Jno, Pawnee City.
Bstandig Chas, Burchard.
Bstandig Fred, Burchard.
Bstandig Joseph, Steinauer.
Builta S P, Burchard.
Bunthe August, Steinauer.
Bunthe Conrad, Steinauer.
Bunthe Herman, Steinauer.
Burdick D L, Du Bois.
Burg M R, Pawnee City.
Burg W H, Pawnee City.
Burge Martin, Pawnee City.
Burgert Jesse, Table Rock.
Burgert John, Table Rock.
Burnham C L, Burchard.
Burnham G W, Pawnee City.
Burow Frank, Elk Creek.
Burow Louise, Elk Creek.
Burow T R, Elk Creek.
Burkhart Geo, Burchard.
Burkhart Jacob, Burchard.
Burkhart J H, Burchard.
Burkhart John, Burchard.
Bush Geo, Pawnee City.
Bush I M, Humboldt.
Butcher J N, Burchard.
Butterfield G W, Pawnee City.
Button Fred, Pawnee City.
Button T J, Pawnee City.
Byram William, Lewiston.
Byrne Michael, Burchard.
Byrne Owen, Burchard.
Byrne Thomas, Burchard.
Byrns John F, Burchard.

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 Cain Pat, Burchard.
Caldwell J Ira, Pawnee City.
Callam C E, Pawnee City.
Callam E C, Pawnee City.
Callam Edwin, Pawnee City.
Callam E O W, Pawnee City.
Calvin J A, Virgina.
Cameron C, Pawnee City.
Cameron J M, Bookwalter.
Cameron Peter, Bookwalter.
Campbell J R, Pawnee City.
Campbell Sam, Pawnee City.
Carcoran Pat, Burchard.
Carey G H, Burchard.
Carl Wm, Pawnee City.
Carmichael A W, Pawnee City.
Carmichael C H, Table Rock.
Carmichael F H, Lewiston.
Carr John, Pawnee City.
Carter C G, Pawnee City.
Carter James, Burchard.
Carter John H, Pawnee City.
Carter J W, Burchard.
Carter W J, Burchard.
Carver P, Burchard.
Caselton C B, Table Rock.
Caselton Wm, Table Rock.
Catherel J C, Pawnee City.
Chambers W C, Armour.
Champenoy D T, Pawnee City.
Chapman H J, Pawnee City.
Chapman Horace, Pawnee City.
Chartraw P, Table Rock.
Chase F W, Burchard.
Chase M H, Burchard.
Chittick Jas, Pawnee City.
Christopher A, Burchard.
Church R H, Du Bois.
Clark A A, Liberty.
Clark Caleb, Pawnee City.
Clark Cyrus, Mission Creek.
Clark Edwin, Lewiston.
Clark H A, Liberty.
Clark H L, Pawnee City.
Clark I M, Lewiston.
Clark J L, Pawnee City.
Clark Jas, Lewiston.
Clark Jas, Summerfield, Kan.
Clark J M, Mission Creek.
Clark Jno, Lewiston.
Clark Jno, Summerfield, Kan.
Clark L, Pawnee City.
Clark T, Summerfield, Kan.
Clark T F, Mission Creek.
Clark T T, Pawnee City.
Clark Thos, Mission Creek.
Clark W S, Mission Creek.
Clema John C, Pawnee City.
Clema V, Steinauer.
Coard W A, Pawnee City.
Cochran D L, Table Rock.
Cochran E F, Table Rock.
Cochran I W, Table Rock.
Cochran Jno, Table Rock.
Cochran J D, Elk Creek.
Cockrill J D, Elk Creek.
Cockrill J W, Elk Creek.
Cockrill W T, Elk Creek.
Coffin Alonzo, Liberty.
Coffin R H, Burchard.
Coffman Geo, Burchard.
Colby O S, Burchard.
Coleman W S, Lewiston.
Collins Ira, Humboldt.
Collins Robt, Pawnee City.
Colthar O S, Pawnee City.
Conard Jno, Mission Creek.
Condon Jno, Pawnee City.
Congdon Asa, Pawnee City.
Congdon T J, Pawnee City.
Connelly Jno, Burchard.
Conradt P A, Steinauer.
Conradt Peter, Steinauer.
Cook Jno, Table Rock.
Cooper G W, Pawnee City.
Cooper O A, Humboldt.
Cooper R W, Pawnee City.
Cope James, Burchard.
Copenhaver T, Pawnee City.
Corbin Jas, Pawnee City.
Cornell T L, Violet.
Costin H L, Lewiston.
Coulter E A, Pawnee City.
Covalt J A, Elk Creek.
Covalt J D, Elk Creek.
Covert Frank M, Violet.
Covert Geo E, Violet.
Cox C A, Table Rock.
Cos S K, Burchard.
Craig Alex, Bookwalter.
Craig Seth, Burchard.
Craig W E, Pawnee City.
Craig W J, Bookwalter.
Cramer G W, Pawnee City.
Crampton J F, Pawnee City.
Crawford C J, Du Bois.
Crawford Geo, Pawnee City.
Crawford J, Pawnee City.
Crawford Jud, Pawnee City.
Crawford R N, Burchard.
Crawford W H, Pawnee City.
Crawley M A, Burchard.
Crawley Sam, Burchard.
Creevan J, Summerfield, Kan.
Creevan R, Summerfield, Kan.
Crisler A S, Table Rock.
Crisler Geo, Table Rock.
Crisler I F, Table Rock.
Crisler O T, Table Rock.
Crisler W L, Table Rock.
Crocker C F, Liberty.
Crocker Hettie, Pawnee City.
Crocker Saml, Pawnee City.
Cross John W, Liberty.
Crothers Emma, Table Rock.
Crouch L B, Pawnee City.
Crow James, Burchard.
Cruse James, Burchard.
Crusee Wm, Burchard.
Culbertson A J, Lewiston.
Culbertson J L, Lewiston.
Cunningham J W, Liberty.
Curry C W, Liberty.
Curry G N, Liberty.
Curry L W, Liberty.
Curtis Garland, Burchard.
Curthis Henry, Burchard.
Curtis J M, Burchard.
Curtis John F, Liberty.
Curtis M Mrs, Burchard.
Curtis Reubin, Burchard.
Curtis Robert, Burchard.
Curtis Wm, Burchard.

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 Dailey E W, Pawnee City.
Dalton A, Liberty.
Dalton O S, Liberty.
Dalton S L, Liberty.
Darby J E, Table Rock.
David Enoca, Pawnee City.
Davidson R N, Pawnee City.
Davidson R W, Table Rock.
Davis A C, Table Rock.
Davis C S, Liberty.
Davis Evan, Pawnee City.
Davis I F, Table Rock.
Davis J W, Bookwalter.
Davis L, Table Rock.
Davis M E, Bookwalter.
Davis M F, Table Rock.
Davis S K, Burchard.
Dawnson E, Pawnee City.
Dean L H, Pawnee City.
Deck L I, Table Rock.
Decker I B, Table Rock.
Diehl R E, Violet.
Deland H S, Bookwalter.
Dellenbach F C, Pawnee City.
Dellenbach H, Pawnee City.
Dellenbach H G, Pawnee City.
Dellenbach W F, Pawnee City.
Delong Frank, Du Bois.
Delong Austin, Burchard.
Denman W H, Pawnee City.
DeWeber E, Pawnee City.
DeWeber H N, Pawnee City.
Dewey A E, Lewiston.
Dewey T G, Liberty.
Dickenson C, Pawnee City.
Dickenson H S, Pawnee City.
Dickenson J M, Pawnee City.
Dickinson Chas E, Mayberry.
Dingwell J H, Burchard.
Dingwell Wm, Burchard.
Dinnis Jno, Burchard.
Dinnis Thos, Burchard.
Dobrovolny I, Table Rock.
Donahue J A, Burchard.
Donahue M, Burchard.
Donaldson D C, Pawnee City.
Dorathy A F, Liberty.
Dorrance J G, Pawnee City.
Dorrance J W, Pawnee City.
Doty Leon, Liberty.
Douglas Wm, Pawnee City.
Drennan J P, Burchard.
Drilling H, Table Rock.
Dudas John, Table Rock.
Dufack John, Elk Creek.
Duff C J, Pawnee City.
Duff J P, Pawnee City.
Dunn J E, Violet.
Dunn John, Violet.
Dunn W L, Violet.
Dunsmore A M, Virginia.
Dusenberry C, Burchard.
Dusenberry H B, Burchard.
Dvoak Adolf, Table Rock.
Dvorak Andy, Table Rock.
Dvorak Frank, Pawnee City.
Dvoark Jos, Steinauer.
Dyson F M, Virginia.

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 East Ellison, Liberty.
East S, Burchard.
East T J, Burchard.
Eastwood H H, Mission Creek.
Eastwood J E, Mission Creek.
Eastwood Jno, Mission Creek.
Ebner A D, Du Bois.
Eckhardt A, Pawnee City.
Edgerton D, Pawnee City.
Edgerton J W, Pawnee City.
Edwards A W, Steinauer.
Edwards, Jno, Pawnee City.
Eglehof Wm, Pawnee City.
Eichenberger R, Steinauer.
Ellison M C, Liberty.
Ellsworth E, Violet.
Emig Peter N, Violet.

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 Fairbair Wm, Pawnee City.
Fast M J, Pawnee City.
Fellers And, Table Rock.
Fellers C, Table Rock.
Fellers Jno, Table Rock.
Fellers L S, Table Rock.
Fellers O W, Table Rock.
Fellers Wm, Table Rock.
Fencl Frank jr, Humboldt.
Fencl Frank, Steinauer.
Fencl Jos, Humboldt.
Fenton Denis, Burchard.
Fenton Jno, Burchard.
Ferguson A L, Pawnee City.
Fields Jno, Burchard.
Fields Wm, Lewiston.
Finch C H, Liberty.
Finch David, Liberty.
Fink Chas, Pawnee City.
Fink J F, Lewiston.
Finn W I, Table Rock.
Finney E S, Armour.
Finney ES, Burchard.
Fish W J, Pawnee City.
Fish W R, Pawnee City.
Fisher C M, Table Rock.
Fisher F M, Liberty.
Fisher Geo, Table Rock.
Fisher J G, Table Rock.
Fisher J I, Table Rock.
Fisher Line, Table Rock.
Fisher Ralph, Table Rock.
Fitz Henry, Steinauer.
Flanigan Jno, Pawnee City.
Flanigan M, Pawnee City.
Flanigan S, Pawnee City.
Fleider Joseph, Humboldt.
Fletcher A, Pawnee City.
Flory B F, Pawnee City.
Foal O, Elk Creek.
Foal P G, Elk Creek.
Forbes Jas H, Lewiston.
Forbes J H, Lewiston.
Fornell J B, Mayberry.
Forney A, Pawnee City.
Forrester J S, Elk Creek.
Foster J B, Pawnee City.
Fouts A M, Burchard.
Fowler P M, Burchard.
Frank C F, Humboldt.
Frank Gotfried, Humboldt.
Frank W A, Humboldt.
Frazee W M, Summerfield, Kan.
Frederich Geo, Du Bois.
Frey Adoph, Du Bois.
Fries John, Du Bois.
Fritsch Frank, Humboldt.
Fritz John, Elk Creek.
Fry D W, Pawnee City.
Fry Jacob, Steinauer.
Fry J D, Pawnee City.
Fry John G, Pawnee City.
Fry R, Steinauer.
Fry W, Steinauer.
Fry W T, Pawnee City.
Fuller A M, Table Rock.
Fuller C H, Burchard.
Fuller T B, Mission Creek.
Fulton J I, Burchard.
Fulton J K, Table Rock.
Fulton S J A, Summerfield, Kan.
Furrow Robt, Table Rock.
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 Gain Phillip E, Liberty.
Garrett J F, Mission Creek.
Gartner Chas, Mayberry.
Gartner Geo, Mayberry.
Gartner Henry, Mayberry.
Gartner Leroy, Mayberry.
Gartner Peter, Mayberry.
Geer G W, Bookwalter.
Geer W K, Bookwalter.
Geiger Jacob, Pawnee City.
Gerber John, Du Bois.
Geweke W J, Elk Creek.
Ghyra Wenzel, Burchard.
Gifford Will M, Burchard.
Giger John, Pawnee City.
Giger R, Pawnee City.
Gibert Geo, Table Rock.
Gilbert Wm, Burchard.
Glass John F, Burchard.
Goin J S, Liberty.
Gold Peter, Table Rock.
Gondringer P, Steinauer.
Gordon J, Mission Creek.
Gore W T, Liberty.
Gottula C G, Steinauer.
Gottula Geo, Steinauer.
Gottula John, Steinauer.
Gould C H, Elk Creek.
Graham John, Du Bois.
Graves R M, Table Rock.
Greamer J A, Steinauer.
Green Bert, Burchard.
Green S J, Table Rock.
Greiner A, Table Rock.
Greiner W J, Table Rock.
Gressman Geo, Humboldt.
Griffin J S, Mission Creek.
Griffing J S, Table Rock.
Griffing W A, Table Rock.
Griffith J F, Pawnee City.
Griggs T J, Mission Creek.
Griswold H H, Pawnee City.
Groff Theo, Table Rock.
Groom E W, Table Rock.
Groves J H, Pawnee City.
Grubb L M, Mission Creek.
Grubb W H, Du Bois.
Grumpbacker J, Lewiston.
Guida C, Table Rock.
Gullinger R H, Burchard.
Gundringer N, Pawnee City.
Gurnea F S, Pawnee City.
Guthals Chas, Burchard.
Guthrie J J, Pawnee City.
Gydeson A, Pawnee City.
Gyhra Frank, Steinauer.
Gyhra John, Steinauer.

H A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z top
 Hackingburg H, Burchard.
Hackingburg M, Burchard.
Hall A S, Pawnee City.
Hall O E, Pawnee City.
Hall Theo, Table Rock.
Hamel Geo, Du Bois.
Hamiker G S, Burchard.
Hamlet R, Summerfield, Kan.
Hammond D, Pawnee City.
Hammond J A, Pawnee City.
Hammond R H, Pawnee City.
Hammond W A, Pawnee City.
Hanchet G G, Pawnee City.
Hanchett W W, Pawnee City.
Handle Paul, Pawnee City.
Hanner F, Steinauer.
Hanon B R, Du Bois.
Hannon John, Du Bois.
Hansen A B, Table Rock.
Hansen E A, Table Rock.
Hansen Ole, Table Rock.
Hansen Willard, Table Rock.
Harden Jno, Du Bois.
Hardy George, Pawnee City.
Hare C H, Pawnee City.
Hare Willie, Pawnee City.
Harkins James, Burchard.
Harkins John, Burchard.
Harmon Joseph, Table Rock.
Harrendorf Wm, Du Bois.
Harrington J E, Bookwalter.
Harrington T M, Bookwalter.
Harris Chas W, Bookwalter.
Harrison C E, Table Rock.
Harrison I D, Table Rock.
Harrison Ro, Table Rock.
Harrod C B, Burchard.
Harrod J S, Burchard.
Hartley H, Pawnee City.
Hartong W G, Pawnee City.
Hastings E, Burchard.
Hauner John, Burchard.
Havelichek A, Humboldt.
Havelicek John, Du Bois.
Hawkins W H, Pawnee City.
Haycock I, Pawnee City.
Hays Adam, Table Rock.
Hays E, Lewiston.
Hays E W, Burchard.
Hays H W, Table Creek.
Hays J, Mission Rock.
Hays Joseph, Table Rock.
Hays Silas, Table Rock.
Hays W U, Mission Creek.
Haywood A E, Table Rock.
Hazels D sr, Du Bois.
Hazels J, Pawnee City.
Heany Hugh, Burchard.
Hedrich S L, Table Rock.
Heer Ben, Table Rock.
Helling Deldrick, Burchard.
Helling Wm, Burchard.
Henderson F, Burchard.
Henderson R H, Bookwalter.
Henry I, Pawnee City.
Henry W C, Pawnee City.
Heoig A, Pawnee City.
Heoig J W, Pawnee City.
Herman John, Steinauer.
Herrick W D, Table Rock.
Herrington M L, Du Bois.
Heywood A L, Table Rock.
Hildebrand H D, Pawnee City.
Hilderbrand H, Pawnee City.
Hilldebrand J, Du Bois.
Hillis S, Pawnee City.
Hitchcock C, Pawnee City.
Hitchcock J, Pawnee City.
Hitzerman C jr, Steinauer.
Hitzerman C, Steinauer.
Hitzerman H, Steinauer.
Hoff N T, Pawnee City.
Hoffman J G, Steinauer.
Hoffman L, Steinauer.
Hoffman P, Table Rock.
Hogue J N, Burchard.
Hollenbach J, Table Rock.
Hollenbach W, Du Bois.
Holly Chris, Pawnee City.
Hood James, Table Rock.
Hood J S, Misson Creek.
Hoppes J H, Lewiston.
Hoppes W C, Lewiston.
Horalek Frank, Pawnee City.
Horalek Joseph, Du Bois.
Horton Ben, Table Rock.
Hosea J H, Burchard.
Hotham Henry, Steinauer.
Hotham Wm, Steinauer.
Houghton E L, Steinauer.
Houk John, Pawnee City.
Houston Mary, Bookwalter.
Houston Mike, Bookwalter.
Houston Ned, Bookwalter.
How M P, Misson Creek.
Howard Chas, Pawnee City.
Howard F, Pawnee City.
Howard Henry, Burchard.
Howard K M, Pawnee City.
Howe O D, Table Rock.
Hubka Amos, Pawnee City.
Hubka James, Du Bois.
Hubka John, Pawnee City.
Hubka Jos, Pawnee City.
Hubka Mathias, Du Bois.
Huff Silas, Burchard.
Hull Abe L, Burchard.
Hull Abel P, Burchard.
Humerich J W, Pawnee City.
Humley H L, Pawnee City.
Humphry C L, Pawnee City.
Hungate C H, Burchard.
Hunt C A, Burchard.
Hunzeker H jr, Pawnee City.
Hunzeker H, Humboldt.
Hunzeker John, Humboldt.
Hunzeker Jos, Pawnee City.
Hunzeker M, Humboldt.
Hunzeker R, Du Bois.
Hunzeker Sam, Steinauer.
Hurd J M, Pawnee City.
Hutchinson D S, Lewiston.
Hutchinson J H, Lewiston.
Hutchison Jm, Pawnee City.
Hutchison W, Pawnee City.
Hutchman Wm, Pawnee City.
Hutton H W, Pawnee City.

I A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z top
 Inglis Alex, Pawnee City.
Inglis Geo, Pawnee City.
Inglis Peter, Pawnee City.
Inglis Wm, Pawnee City.
Irwin F J, Du Bois.
Irwin J A, Table Rock.
Irwin M H, Pawnee City.
Isaac Nels, Burchard.
Isaac O F, Burchard.
Isaac S A, Burchard.
Izer John, Liberty.

J A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z top
 Jalke F L, Pawnee City.
James B F, Burchard.
James U, Pawnee City.
Jannoskey Jos, Burchard.
Jenkins C A, Burchard.
Jennie O, Misson Creek.
Jennings Geo, Burchard.
Jennings J E, Misson Creek.
Jennings Wm, Misson Creek.
Jennings W M, Du Bois.
Jerg Simon, Pawnee City.
Jewell Wm H, Burchard.
Jinker W M, Steinauer.
Johnson A T, Pawnee City.
Johnson C C, Pawnee City.
Johnson G B, Table Rock.
Johnson H D, Du Bois.
Johnson H, Pawnee City.
Johnson J L, Table Rock.
Johnson R F, Pawnee City.
Johnston F M, Lewiston.
Johnston F, Pawnee City.
Johnston G, Liberty.
Johnston Geo, Pawnee City.
Johnston W M, Misson Creek.
Jones E O, Table Rock.
Jones Henry, Table Rock.
Jones J A, Table Rock.
Jones W B, Pawnee City.
Jordon E W, Bookwalter.
Jordon L D, Pawnee City.
Joy Augusta H, Lewiston.
Joy W A, Liberty.
Jun Frank, Du Bois.
Jun Frank, Humboldt.

K A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z top
 Kalin Tynag, Steinauer.
Kalina Frank, Table Rock.
Kaman Wenzel, Steinauer.
Kamen Frank, Steinauer.
Kamen W jr, Steinauer.
Kamen W sr, Steinauer.
Karas James, Table Rock.
Karas Joseph, Table Rock.
Kaufman Jos, Steinauer.
Kee John, Humboldt.
Kelley W M, Pawnee City.
Kelso A O, Pawnee City.
Kelso Ed, Lewiston.
Kennedy James, Burchard.
Kennedy L M, Pawnee City.
Kennedy W E, Pawnee City.
Kent Byron, Pawnee City.
Kerl Chas A, Pawnee City.
Kerl Frank, Pawnee City.
Kerl Louis, Pawnee City.
Kerl T C, Pawnee City.
Kerl Wm, Pawnee City.
Ketter Jacob, Steinauer.
Kier Isabella Mrs, Burchard.
Killeen Mark, Burchard.
Kimes Abe, Table Rock.
King Chas, Table Rock.
King C S, Pawnee City.
King D W, Table Rock.
Kingham Jno, Pawnee City.
Kingham O, Pawnee City.
Kingham R L, Pawnee City.
Kings C L, Bookwalter.
Kingsley J A, Burchard.
Kinkade E S, Misson Creek.
Kirchner Saml, Liberty.
Kirsh F, Lewiston.
Kirsh J, Lewiston.
Kiser Nimrod, Humboldt.
Kite J P, Burchard.
Klema Joe, Du Bois.
Kness I A, Bookwalter.
Kness Jas C, Lewiston.
Kness J D, Liberty.
Knisel G W, Burchard.
Knouse David, Liberty.
Knowles Lew, Bookwalter.
Knowles Wm jr, Bookwalter.
Knowles Wm sr, Bookwalter.
Kochler Conrad, Elk Creek.
Koester Fred, Du Bois.
Koester Henry, Du Bois.
Koester Will, Du Bois.
Kohn Anton, Pawnee City.
Kohn A O, Pawnee City.
Kolain John, Table Rock.
Koons J F, Burchard.
Kopp Jas, Table Rock.
Korber Fred, Du Bois.
Kosek Frank, Table Rock.
Kovanda A R, Table Rock.
Kovanda F, Table Rock.
Kovanda Jas, Table Rock.
Kreuger H, Steinauer.
Krofta Andy, Table Rock.
Krofta Anton, Table Rock.
Kryder D E, Du Bois.
Kubic Henry, Table Rock.
Kubic Jas, Table Rock.
Kubic Jos, Table Rock.
Kulik Andy, Table Rock.
Kyle Rufe, Lewiston.

L A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z top
 Laird Thos, Burchard.
Lambert H J, Pawnee City.
LaMunyon Amos, Lewiston.
LaMunyan D J, Burchard.
LaMunyan D L, Lewiston.
LaMunyon Gilas, Lewiston.
LaMunyon J T, Lewiston.
LaMunyon W O, Lewiston.
Lane A E, Table Rock.
Lane Geo, Table Rock.
Lang Augt, Pawnee City.
Lanson Francis, Lewiston.
Lanson Geo W, Lewiston.
Lasher D, Du Bois.
Law A M, Pawnee City.
Law John, Pawnee City.
Layman G G, Table Rock.
Layman J H, Table Rock.
Layman J T, Table Rock.
Leaman M V, Liberty.
Leeper W M, Steinauer.
Legg Wm, Table Rock.
Leonard L W, Pawnee City.
Leonard M L, Burchard.
Leonard J C, Lewiston.
Lewis Gains, Pawnee City.
Lewis Philip O, Table Rock.
Lewis Wm, Pawnee City.
Lieb Wm, Steinauer.
Liming F F, Pawnee City.
Liming J E, Pawnee City.
Linn Rees, Pawnee City.
Lionberger J W, Pawnee City.
Lipp Reuben, Pawnee City.
Little O T, Pawnee City.
Litton J W, Pawnee City.
Litts Alva, Pawnee City.
Loch Henry, Pawnee City.
Loch Oliver, Pawnee City.
Loch Walter, Pawnee City.
Loch William, Pawnee City.
Longe Charles, Steinauer.
Lore C, Du Bois.
Lore C F, Du Bois.
Lore J D, Du Bois.
Loring J S, Pawnee City.
Loring S A, Pawnee City.
Loring Wm R, Pawnee City.
Losey Ben, Steinauer.
Lo ey Perry, Steinauer.
Lowen Albert, Steinauer.
Luck E, Du Bois.
Lucky Edgar, Bookwalter.
Luksek Frank, Humboldt.
Luska Frank, Table Rock.
Luthy John S, Humboldt.
Lyman Wm, Table Rock.

M A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z top
 McAlpin S A, Pawnee City.
McBride Pat, Humboldt.
McCall John B, Pawnee City.
McCarthy James, Burchard.
McCaslin I, Table Rock.
McCaslin W A, Table Rock.
McClaughry E L, Pawnee City.
McClellen C E, Lewiston.
McClintock A, Pawnee City.
McClintock W, Pawnee City.
McClintock W S, Pawnee City.
MeClung R M, Du Bois.
McClure H W, Misson Creek.
McClure J E, Du Bois.
McClure S E, Du Bois.
McClure Sherman, Lewiston.
McComb A D, Lewiston.
McComb R E, Lewiston.
McConnell Q, Burchard.
McConnell W, Misson Creek.
McCormick J S, Pawnee City.
McCormick O, Elk Creek.
McCormick W H, Pawnee City.
McCourtney C, Pawnee City.
McCourtney C O, Pawnee City.
McCoy Zenas, Burchard.
McCrea W F, Burchard.
McCreary J F, Violet.
McCulloch C F, Summerfield, Kan.
McCulloch G S, Summerfield, Kan.
McDonald R, Burchard.
McFadden M, Burchard.
McGuire Wm, Burchard.
McIntire John, Burchard.
McIntyre J T, Burchard.
McIntyre M E Mrs, Burchard.
McIntyre R H, Burchard.
McKan M, Lewiston.
McKamey M, Pawnee City.
McKamey St Clair, Pawnee City.
KcKee Joseph, Misson Creek.
McKee Oliver, Misson Creek.
McKee S W, Lewiston.
McKibben Lee, Table Rock.
McMannis Thos, Burchard
McMichael D, Pawnee City.
McMichael F L, Violet.
McMichael M, Pawnee City.
McNair D, Pawnee City.
McNair J R, Pawnee City.
McNair N, Summerfield, Kan.
McNeal F A, Table Rock.
McNeal J, Table Rock.
McNeill J, Pawnee City.
McQueen D, Pawnee City.
McStravick C, Misson Creek.
McVey H, Burchard.
McVey R, Burchard.
Macha F jr, Steinauer.
Macha Frank, Steinauer.
Madden J H, Burchard.
Madden W S, Burchard.
Maddocks C W, Pawnee City.
Maddocks Fred, Pawnee City.
Maddocks G W, Pawnee City.
Maddocks J L, Pawnee City.
Mahan R A, Pawnee City.
Mahood E, Du Bois.
Manley A F, Misson Creek.
Manning L P, Pawnee City.
Manning T B, Pawnee City.
Marble M H, Table Rock.
Marshall J, Pawnee City.
Marshall J C, Du Bois.
Marshall J, Summerfield, Kan.
Marshall R, Pawnee City.
Martin Adam, Du Bois.
Martin A E, Pawnee City.
Martin A W, Pawnee City.
Martin Benj, Pawnee City.
Martin C G, Pawnee City.
Martin G R, Table Rock.
Martin H C, Du Bois.
Martin Houston, Table Rock.
Martin James, Pawnee City.
Martin J M, Pawnee City.
Martin J W S, Pawnee City.
Martin W J, Table Rock.
Martindale D D, Table Rock.
Masters Edward, Burchard.
Mathews Chas, Table Rock.
Mathias F G, Burchard.
May Isreal, Lewiston.
Mayberry Chas N, Mayberry.
Meeker D T, Pawnee City.
Melichor Adolf, Steinauer.
Melvin J G, Pawnee City.
Menihan Jas, Summerfield, Kan.
Menihan John, Summerfield, Kan.
Menihan M, Summerfield, Kan.
Menihan Pat, Summerfield, Kan.
Mehihan Thos, Summerfield, Kan.
Menihan Wm, Summerfield, Kan.
Mertes Thos, Table Rock.
Messinger F, Pawnee City.
Messman H, Pawnee City.
Metz David, Humboldt.
Metzger C F, Pawnee City.
Meyer Wm, Du Bois.
Michael C, Liberty.
Michel A, Pawnee City.
Michler C, Bookwalter.
Middleton C J, Mayberry.
Midleton A, Pawnee City.
Miles C R, Violet.
Miles F J, Pawnee City.
Miles H J, Pawnee City.
Miles N S, Burchard.
Miller A C, Pawnee City.
Miller A W, Pawnee City.
Miller Chester, Pawnee City.
Miller C P, Misson Creek.
Miller David, Pawnee City.
Miller D K, Pawnee City.
Miller Geo S, Table Rock.
Miller G W, Pawnee City.
Miller Peter, Table Rock.
Miller Wm H, Pawnee City.
Milne W H, Table Rock.
Milton James, Pawnee City.
Milton John, Pawnee City.
Miner C A, Du Bois.
Miner Jackson, Du Bois.
Miner W M, Du Bois.
Moffett Addie, Burchard.
Moffett Geo, Burchard.
Moler J W, Pawnee City.
Montgomery Wm, Summerfield, Kan.
Moore Agnes, Misson Creek.
Moore G W, Du Bois.
Moore H S, Pawnee City.
Moore Jake, Pawnee City.
Moore Ross, Pawnee City.
Moore Samuel, Pawnee City.
Moore S V, Pawnee City.
Moore W T, Lewiston.
Morehead H J, Pawnee City.
Morehead W H, Table Rock.
Morgan J A, Steinauer.
Moritz Henry, Burchard.
Morris David, Elk Creek.
Morris Horton, Elk Creek.
Morrison G W, Pawnee City.
Morrison J H, Misson Creek.
Morrison M, Misson Creek.
Morrison Natl, Pawnee City.
Morrison R E, Misson Creek.
Morrison Wm, Pawnee City.
Mort Alfred, Burchard.
Mort Dallas, Table Rock.
Mort Jonathan, Burchard.
Morton G I, Table Rock.
Morton J O, Table Rock.
Moser Ada, Misson Creek.
Moser J E, Pawnee City.
Moser John, Pawnee City.
Moser M F, Pawnee City.
Moser W O, Pawnee City.
Moss F L, Summerfield, Kan.
Moss G A J, Pawnee City.
Mumford T T, Pawnee City.
Murray Thomas, Burchard.

N A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z top
 Nance F C, Pawnee City.
Nash J C, Burchard.
Nash W A, Misson Creek.
Neader Chas, Table Rock.
Nedela John, Humboldt.
Nedela Joseph, Humboldt.
Needer C C, Pawnee City.
Neider F, Pawnee City.
Neill A A, Pawnee City.
Neill J A, Pawnee City.
Nelson Oliver, Burchard.
Nemec Joseph, Du Bois.
Nesbitt J D, Pawnee City.
Nesbitt Josiah, Misson Creek.
Nester A, St. Bridget, Kan.
Nester M, St. Bridget, Kan.
Newkirk Jas, Pawnee City.
Newton John, Pawnee City.
Nickelson J A, Table Rock.
Nichol Jas, Pawnee City.
Nichol Wm, Pawnee City.
North Jacob, Pawnee City.
Novatny Frank, Humboldt.
Nye C F, Burchard.

O A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z top
 Oberst Fred, Steinauer.
Obert Sophia, Du Bois.
O’Connell Batt, Liberty.
O’Connell Morris, Liberty.
O’Keffe Wm, Pawnee City.
Oliver Wm, Pawnee City.
Onstot John jr, Pawnee City.
Oystot John sr, Pawnee City.
Ord Geo, Pawnee City.
Ord G R, Pawnee City.
Ord Robert, Lewiston.
Ord W C, Pawnee City.
Osborn Jno M, Pawnee City.
Osler W A, Pawnee City.
Othmer H, Table Rock.
Oviatt E L, Lewiston.
Oviatt Will, Lewiston.
Owen Catherine, Liberty.
Owen Edgar, Liberty.
Owen G D, Liberty.
Owen Loyd, Liberty.
Owens S H, Table Rock.

P A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z top
 Packard W O, Lewiston.
Palmer A J, Pawnee City.
Palmer Jasper J, Elk Creek.
Palmer John, Burchard.
Palmer T E, Burchard.
Parker Ed, Elk Creek.
Parker G W, Burchard.
Parks M C, Mayberry.
Parli Arnold, Pawnee City.
Parli Chris, Pawnee City.
Parli Fred, Pawnee City.
Parli John, Pawnee City.
Parli John Jacob, Du Bois.
Parrette Jacob, Burchard.
Parrish B R, Table Rock.
Parrish I C, Table Rock.
Parsons Francis, Table Rock.
Patchin D M, Table Rock.
Patterson Jos, Burchard.
Patterson W A, Misson Creek.
Patterson Wm, Pawnee City.
Patterson W T, Burchard.
Patton Wm M, Table Rock.
Pay O E, Pawnee City.
Pay Wm, Pawnee City.
Peacock John, Burchard.
Peake W H, Pawnee City.
Pearce M H, Pawnee City.
Pearson D L, Pawnee City.
Pearson G C, Burchard.
Pearson Geo, Burchard.
Peck J M, Bookwalter.
Peckham B E, Pawnee City.
Peckham R B, Pawnee City.
Pendleton C H, Burchard.
Penrod S, Table Rock.
Pepoon I B, Table Rock.
Pepoon T W, Table Rock.
Pepperl Alvin, Burchard.
Pepperl Louis, Burchard.
Percevill A L, Pawnee City.
Percevill J, Pawnee City.
Perden John, Pawnee City.
Perkins T T, Burchard.
Pesek Frank, Du Bois.
Peterka John, Du Bois.
Peterka Joseph, Du Bois.
Peters G, Burchard.
Pettinger M, Steinauer.
Petton George, Du Bois.
Phelps Walter, Pawnee City.
Philips Clement, Table Rock.
Philips Edward, Table Rock.
Philips M D, Table Rock.
Philips Scott, Table Rock.
Philips W D, Table Rock.
Phillips I B, Table Rock.
Phillips J L, Lewiston.
Pickens G A, Burchard.
Pientka Stephen, Burchard.
Plumb P S, Burchard.
Plummer J, Summerfield, Kan.
Poe Jas H, Pawnee City.
Poland Andy, Pawnee City.
Poland John, Pawnee City.
Pool M R, Table Rock.
Pool S C, Table Rock.
Pope I B, Burchard.
Poppe Henry, Du Bois.
Porch S L, Burchard.
Porowant J W, Burchard.
Porter David, Pawnee City.
Porter Eli, Table Rock.
Porter Geo, Pawnee City.
Porter H C, Table Rock.
Porter S L, Bookwalter.
Porter W R, Bookwalter.
Possalt Frank, Burchard.
Poteet S W, Pawnee City.
Poteet W H, Pawnee City.
Potts G W, Pawnee City.
Powell J J, Lewiston.
Preston J N, Steinauer.
Preston R J, Burchard.
Proudfit TP, Pawnee City.
Prowant C M, Burchard.
Prusman Geo, Pawnee City.
Purcell G W, Table Rock.
Purcell I H, Table Rock.
Purcell W W, Table Rock.
Pyle Dalison, Du Bois.
Pyle Joe, Lewiston.
Pyle Marion, Pawnee City.
Pyle S A, Du Bois.

Q A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z top
 Quinn E, Pawnee City.

R A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z top
 Raitory James, Table Rock.
Ransel Geo, Pawnee City.
Raper J C, Pawnee City.
Ray James, Burchard.
Ray Willis J, Lewiston.
Redshaw John, Lewiston.
Reece Allen J, Pawnee City.
Reed E, Steinauer.
Reeder Geo, Burchard.
Rees C, Misson Creek.
Rees J B, Pawnee City.
Rees J W, Misson Creek.
Reese M J, Pawnee City.
Reeves G H, Pawnee City.
Reeves H L, Pawnee City.
Reeves Levi, Pawnee City.
Reeves W F, Pawnee City.
Reuter Joseph, Table Rock.
Reuter N C, Table Rock.
Reynish W J, Lewiston.
Reynolds E N, Pawnee City.
Rezner J F, Pawnee City.
Rice Charles, Burchard.
Rice C J, Burchard.
Rice D A, Burchard.
Rice J W, Burchard.
Richardson A, Pawnee City.
Richardson J O, Pawnee City.
Richardson J, Pawnee City.
Riechling P, Steinauer.
Riggs W H, Table Rock.
Riley M D, Burchard.
Rinne A jr, Steinauer.
Rinne A sr, Steinauer.
Rinne Fredrich, Steinauer.
Rinne Henry F, Steinauer.
Rinne Herman, Steinauer.
Rinne W H, Steinauer.
Rinne Wm, Steinauer.
Rist Henry, Pawnee City.
Rist Jacob, Pawnee City.
Ritchey J W, Misson Creek.
Robb H W jr, Violet.
Robb H W sr, Violet.
Robb J G, Misson Creek.
Robbing A, Pawnee City.
Robbing Henry, Steinauer.
Roberts Philip jr, Violet.
Robinson W S, Table Rock.
Robison D B, Burchard.
Rock John P, Pawnee City.
Rogers David, Pawnee City.
Rogers M E, Pawnee City.
Rohlfs Hiram, Burchard.
Rohlmeier Fred, Du Bois.
Rokosnik John, Du Bois.
Role G C, Du Bois.
Ronspiez Henry, Steinauer.
Root Wm E, Misson Creek.
Rosenberry A, Pawnee City.
Rosenberry J, Pawnee City.
Rosier Will, Pawnee City.
Roth Gottlieb, Steinauer.
Rousek Joseph, Table Rock.
Roy F M, Liberty.
Rucker Anton, Mayberry.
Russell Noah, Pawnee City.
Russell G W, Burchard.
Russell E, Burchard.
Russell J W, Bookwalter.
Rutherford A, Pawnee City.
Rutherford W E, Pawnee City.
Ryon James W, Du Bois.

S A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z top
 Sams Albert, Elk Creek.
Sams S, Elk Creek.
Samson R H, Table Rock.
Sanderson D V, Bookwalter.
Sanderson L M, Bookwalter.
Sandusky H, Summerfield, Kan.
Sattley Charles, Burchard.
Sawyer J B, Pawnee City.
Scales W H, Du Bois.
Schappell C A, Pawnee City.
Schmidt Cornell, Steinauer.
Schmidt Harry, Steinauer.
Schmidt Peter, Steinauer.
Schoch G, Pawnee City.
Scoggan E M, Misson Creek.
Scott Andrew, Pawnee City.
Scott Robert T, Pawnee City.
Scott S J, Pawnee City.
Scott T A, Pawnee City.
Scott W A, Pawnee City.
Scott William, Pawnee City.
Sieberg Charles, Bookwalter.
Seidl Wenzl, Steinauer.
Seip Chas, Summerfield, Kan.
Seip J H, Summerfield, Kan.
Seip J S, Summerfield, Kan.
Selbe R A, Pawnee City.
Severns L J, Lewiston.
Severns Stewart, Lewiston.
Sevill John, Lewiston.
Shaffer A D, Pawnee City.
Shaffer A L, Pawnee City.
Shankland R J, Lewiston.
Shaw Harvey F, Violet.
Shaw J W, Table Rock.
Shellhorn Peter, Du Bois.
Shellhorn P M, Du Bois.
Shelly M, Summerfield, Kan.
Shew D, Pawnee City.
Shew J L, Pawnee City.
Shewey Margaret, Burchard.
Shinn Frank, Du Bois.
Shinn L B, Burchard.
Shinn Thomas, Du Bois.
Shivers D L, Pawnee City.
Shockley W W, Pawnee City.
Shoup T R, Pawnee City.
Shoves James, Lewiston.
Shoves Thomas, Lewiston.
Shroader H, Elk Creek.
Shue Bery B, Lewiston.
Shultz Chas, Steinauer.
Shultz D, Du Bois.
Shultz Frank, Steinauer.
Shultz Jacob, Lewiston.
Shuss John, Pawnee City.
Sibl Jas, Table Rock.
Simmons I W, Elk Creek.
Simon Nick, Pawnee City.
Simpson L, Table Rock.
Sims H G, Pawnee City.
Sims Hugh L, Pawnee City.
Sims J G, Pawnee City.
Sisco H J, Burchard.
Sisco M V, Burchard.
Sisco O D, Burchard.
Sisco Wm, Burchard.
Sitter J R, Bookwalter.
Skala John, Table Rock.
Skank George, Pawnee City.
Skidmore Allen, Burchard.
Skidmore Jeff F, Burchard.
Skillett Charles, Elk Creek.
Skillett Wm, Elk Creek.
Skucins Joseph, Humboldt.
Slama John, Du Bois.
Slama Lewis, Du Bois.
Slater S S, Pawnee City.
Slater W W, Pawnee City.
Sloan James, Lewiston.
Sloan J G, Bookwalter.
Small S G, Pawnee City.
Small T C, Pawnee City.
Smelter S S, Steinauer.
Smith Austin, Burchard.
Smith C J, Misson Creek
Smith C P, Liberty.
Smith D A, Pawnee City.
Smith E A, Burchard.
Smith George T, Table Rock.
Smith H D, Table Rock.
Smith Herbert, Burchard.
Smith J, Elk Creek.
Smith James, Table Rock.
Smith James, Du Bois.
Smith J B, Misson Creek.
Smith J L, Pawnee City.
Smith John A, Du Bois.
Smith John, Table Rock.
Smith John, Lewiston.
Smith John F, Pawnee City.
Smith O E, Pawnee City.
Smith R A, Pawnee City.
Smith Thos M, Pawnee City.
Smith Wm jr, Table Rock.
Smith William, Pawnee City.
Smith Wm J, Table Rock.
Smith W R, Burchard.
Smutz J C, Burchard.
Snow A D, Table Rock.
Snyder L D, Steinauer.
Snyder W A, Pawnee City.
Sobotta Frank, Tecumseh.
Sochor Charley, Table Rock.
Sochor John, Table Rock.
Soeliner Herman, Violet.
Sommerhaldrer G, Steinauer.
Sovereign A, Burchard.
Sovereign Fred, Burchard.
Sovereign G, Burchard.
Sovereign G C, Burchard.
Sovereign Robert, Burchard.
Sowers P C, Misson Creek.
Spangler J M, Pawnee City.
Sparks G W, Pawnee City.
Spencer E D, Misson Creek.
Spencer M, Misson Creek.
Spier August, Steinauer.
Spier Frederick, Steinauer.
Spier Henry, Steinauer.
Spier Wm, Steinauer.
Spivey E D, Bookwalter.
Spohr J S, Pawnee City.
Spohr S M, Pawnee City.
Spurr Wm F, Lewiston.
Stake Albert, Burchard.
Stake Eli, Burchard.
Stake Josiah, Burchard.
Stanton I B, Table Rock.
Staples M M, Table Rock.
Starkey W C, Burchard.
Starks George, Pawnee City.
Stauffer Henry, Burchard.
Stauffer J E, Burchard.
Stauffer J N, Burchard.
Steele Tos L, Lewiston.
Steinauer Anton, Steinauer.
Steinauer J jr, Steinauer.
Steinauer Nick, Steinauer
Steiner Gottlieb, Steinauer.
Steiner Henry, Steinauer.
Stemper Micke, Steinauer.
Sternes J, Burchard.
Stevens C, Lewiston.
Stevens John, Lewiston.
Stevens Peter, Table Rock.
Stevens R B, Pawnee City.
Stewart A E, Pawnee City.
Steart Enoch, Burchard.
Stewart I C, Liberty.
Stewart James, Pawnee City.
Stewart John B, Pawnee City.
Stewart Robt L, Lewiston.
Stewart Wm, Pawnee City.
Stewart W N, Pawnee City.
Stickney Chas, Pawnee City.
Stillwell John, Lewiston.
Stillwell Lemuel, Lewiston.
Stillwell Wm, Lewiston.
Stitt D C, Burchard.
Stitt E E, Bookwalter.
Stitzel I K, Table Rock.
Stockman James, Table Rock.
Stockman M J, Mayberry.
Stohr Mary, Pawnee City.
Stolph Joh, Pawnee City.
Stolz John, Table Rock.
Stone D B, Pawnee City.
Stoneberger W D, Lewiston.
Story J M, Pawnee City.
Stout T W, Misson Creek.
Stowell W G, Steinauer.
Straka Jojhn, Du Bois.
Straka Joseph, Du Bois.
Stratton D C, Pawnee City.
Strejc Anton, Elk Creek.
Strejc Anoton, Table Rock.
Stuart R H, Du Bois.
Stuart S H, Pawnee City.
Summerhalder R, Steinauer.
Summers S E, Pawnee City.
Svab Adolph, Du Bois.
Svanda Frank, Humboldt.
Svanda Thos jr, Humboldt.
Svanda Thomas, Humboldt.
Swegle T N, Lewiston.
Switzer E, Pawnee City.

T A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z top
 Tackley F, Pawnee City.
Talbott M M, Lewiston.
Talbott Thos, Table Rock.
Tallman R, Pawnee City.
Tannehill John, Pawnee City.
Tannehill Nathan, Du Bois.
Tannehill S R, Du Bois.
Tannyhill S A, Burchard.
Farr C M, Misson Creek.
Taylor Jas A, Pawnee City.
Taylor John, Pawnee City.
Taylor R W, Pawnee City.
Taylor S M, Pawnee City.
Teeter J P, Pawnee City.
Tenk James, Table Rock.
Thomas Jacob, Pawnee City.
Thomas James, Pawnee City.
Thompson George, Lewiston.
Thomson J, Misson Creek.
Tibbett C H, Table Rock.
Tibbet George, Table Rock.
Tibbet John, Table Rock.
Ticnor Geo, Pawnee City.
Ticnor Wm, Pawnee City.
Tidball George G, Burchard.
Tipton Wm, Table Rock.
Tosland R, Pawnee City.
Tracy Geo, Pawnee City.
Train F W, Misson Creek.
Train J A, Misson Creek.
Train T A, Misson Creek.
Trantina A, Burchard.
Treat Theron, Table Rock.
Tucker Wm, Pawnee City.
Turman J M, Table Rock.
Taurman T B, Table Rock.
Turnbull J R, Pawnee City.
Turnbull R, Pawnee City.
Turnbull T G, Pawnee City.
Turner C, Misson Creek.
Turner George, Du Bois.
Turner Mary, Mission Creek.
Turner Mary E, Du Bois.
Turner M, Misson Creek.
Twinam W H, Burchard.
Twinam W W, Burchard.
Twing J C, Pawnee City.

U A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z top
 Uhler Antonea, Table Rock.
Ullman Wenzl, Steinauer.
Ullman W J, Steinauer.
Ulrich Frederick, Steinauer.
Ulrich Henry, Steinauer.
Ulrich John, Steinauer
Uri John, Burchard.
Uri J P, Pawnee City.
Urich Jacob, Steinauer.

V A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z top
 Vance E L, Pawnee City.
Vandevender C, Pawnee City.
Vandevender L, Pawnee City.
Vars T J, Pawnee City.
Vaughn A L, [no location given]
Vetak James, Humboldt.
Vliet Daniel, Mayberry.
Vliet John, Mayberry.
Vliet L, Mayberry.
Vondrasek V, Table Rock.
Vrtiska Joh, Table Rock.
Vrtiska Joseph, Steinauer.

W A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z top
 Waddell H, Pawnee City.
Wadell J M, Pawnee City.
Wager L L, Table Rock.
Wagoner B P, Pawnee City.
Wagoner J M, Pawnee City.
Wagor David, Du Bois.
Waite J W, Burchard.
Waldridge G W, Pawnee City.
Walker H A, Burchard.
Walker Ira E, Pawnee City.
Walker M K, Bookwalter.
Walker Newton, Table Rock.
Wallace J D, Pawnee City.
Wallace J H, Summerfield, Kan.
Wallace L, Summerfield, Kan.
Wallace R P, Burchard.
Walsh J E, Steinauer.
Walsh Michael sr, Violet.
Walsh & Steinauer, Steinauer.
Waltemoth H F, Tecumseh.
Wanitska Frank, Burchard.
Wanitschka L, Steinauer.
Warden Wm, Burchard.
Warwick G W, Table Rock.
Washburn F E, Pawnee City.
Waterman Fred, Du Bois.
Waterman Lewis, Steinauer.
Watts W P, Pawnee City.
Wautland Allen, Lewiston.
Weber Peter, Steinauer.
Wehrbein Henry, Steinauer.
Weider G W, Pawnee City.
Weinert Chas, Table Rock.
Weis Jos, Burchard.
Weis Wenzl, Burchard.
Welch Chas M, Pawnee City.
Welch George, Pawnee City.
Welch S N, Burchard.
Wells James, Pawnee City.
Wenner John, Steinauer.
Wenzl A F, Steinauer.
Wenzl Anton, Steinauer.
Wenzl Chas, Steinauer.
Wenzl F, Steinauer.
Wenzl F J, Steinauer.
Wenzl H E, Steinauer.
Wenzl J F, Steinauer.
Wenzl Jos, Steinauer.
Wenzl Louis P, Steinauer.
Werner H, Steinauer.
Werner Jos, Elk Creek.
Wert A, Table Rock.
Westfall Fred, Humboldt.
Westfall H S, Pawnee City.
Westfall T J, Pawnee City.
Westrich O, Du Bois.
Whaley John, Pawnee City.
Whipple M, Table Rock.
White Chas H, Lewiston.
White J B, Lewiston.
Whitmore Frank, Burchard.
Widner J J, Summerfield, Kan.
Wredrekike Wm, Burchard.
Wilcox B L, Pawnee City.
Wilcox C R, Pawnee City.
Wiley J R, Liberty.
Wilkinson Wm N, Lewiston.
Williams C J, Burchard.
Williams L W, Burchard.
Williams R N, Lewiston.
Williams Will, Steinauer.
Williamson J, Pawnee City.
Williamson M, Pawnee City.
Williamson R, Pawnee City.
Wilsey L M, Du Bois.
Wilsey Walter S, Du Bois.
Wilson Ann, Burchard.
Wilson, C W, Violet.
Wilson F S, Pawnee City.
Wilson Henry, Burchard.
Wilson Herbert, Burchard.
Wilson H L, Burchard.
Wilson John M, Pawnee City.
Wilson S E, Pawnee City.
Wilson W C, Pawnee City.
Wilson Wm J, Burchard.
Winston Frank, Virginia.
Winston Geo M, Virginia.
Wolf David, Burchard.
Wolf D L, Table Rock.
Wolf George, Steinauer.
Wolf John, Table Rock.
Wolfe hattie M, Burchard.
Wolfe S A, Pawnee City.
Wolford A B, Pawnee City.
Wolter Henry, Elk Creek.
Wood C S, Table Rock.
Wood E J, Pawnee City.
Wood Geo, Violet.
Wood J C, Table Rock.
Wood W S, Pawnee City.
Woodland Richard, Burchard.
Woods J E, Pawnee City.
Woods L H, Violet.
Woods W A, Pawnee City.
Woodward W W, Pawnee City.
Wopata Albert, Table Rock.
Wapata R, Table Rock.
Worth Joseph O, Lewiston.
Wright G W, Table Rock.
Wright N S, Pawnee City.
Wymore A S, Pawnee City.
Wymore Bill, Pawnee City.
Wymore C, Pawnee City.
Wymore F L, Pawnee City.
Wymore J E, Pawnee City.
Wymore J N, Pawnee City.
Wymore J T, Pawnee City.
Wymore M H, Pawnee City.
Wymore R M, Pawnee City.
Wymore W B, Pawnee City.
Wymore Wm, Pawnee City.
Wyman Wm, Pawnee City.

Y A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z top
 Yates Benj, Lewiston.
Yates John A, Lewiston.
Young D E, Pawnee City.
Young E C, Pawnee City.
Young Gresham, Burchard.

Z A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z top
 Zelenka Albert, Steinauer.
Zelinka Frank jr, Humboldt.
Zelinka Frank sr, Humboldt.